Books by Grace Bauer

Unholy Heart

Unholy Heart
New and Selected Poems

“Grace Bauer’s body of work, presented beautifully and generously in this volume, is a welcome and important addition to the poetry of the Midwest, and to the poetry of America.” -Kwame Dawes

Available at The Backwaters Press or online booksellers.

The Women at the Well

The Women at the Well

“Bauer gives voices, personalities, and motivations to women whose voices have been silenced and forgotten and denied. She gives these women their own bodies, their own histories, showing us how much they resemble us and we resemble them.” -Alicia Suskin Ostriker

Available at Texas A&M University Press or online booksellers.



“Grace Bauer’s MEAN/TIME crackles with intelligence and heart. Reading this book is fuel for anyone’s imagination. It does what good poetry can do—it takes your mind where it hasn’t gone before.” –Dara Wier

Available at University of New Mexico Press or online booksellers.


“It’s against drabness that Bauer powerfully writes. Her casually precise poems—all motion and meditation, praise and agitation—do the double work of looking outward to transform the inner life, and looking inward to remind us of the superb texture of the world.”  -Daisy Fried

Available from Texas A&M University Press or online booksellers.

Retreats and Recognitions

“All the strong poems in Retreats & Recognitions are grounded in the reality of detail, though Bauer is smart enough to realize how often the real mimics the surreal . . . Retreats & Recognitions is a book where memory and imagination converge.” -Jesse Lee Kercheval

Available at Lost Horse Press or online booksellers.

Beholding Eye

Beholding Eye

“Grace Bauer turns the power of her own perceiving gaze onto the world of art in her stunning new poetry collection . . . The worlds of art and artifice, the creative life and created lives: nothing escapes her scrutiny. Beholding Eye itself is a wonder to behold.” -Hilda Raz

Available at online booksellers.

Nasty Women Poets

Nasty Women Poets
An Unapologetic Anthology of Subversive Verse

“This timely collection of poems speaks not just to the current political climate and the man who is responsible for its title, but to the stereotypes and expectations women have faced dating back to Eve . . The nasty women poets included here . . . sing, swear, swagger and celebrate, and stake claim to life and art on their own terms.” -Lost Horse Press

Available at Lost Horse Press or online booksellers.

Umpteen Ways

Umpteen ways of Looking at a Possum: Critical and Creative Responses to Everette Maddox

“Grace Bauer and Julie Kane have done an admirable job of assembling this testament to Everette’s life and writing, and may their efforts serve to introduce his work to the wider audience it deserves.” -R.S. Gwynn

Available from online booksellers.


Cafe Culture
Cafe Culture
Imaginary Friend Press, 2013

Field Guide to the Ineffable: Poems on Marcel Duchamp
Field Guide to the Ineffable:
Poems on Marcel Duchamp
Snail’s Pace Press, 1999

The House Where I've Never Lived
The House Where I’ve Never Lived
The Anabiosis Press, Inc., 1993

Where You've Seen Her
Where You’ve Seen Her
Pennywhistle Press, 1993

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